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How to judge the stand or fall of LED panel light

Author:admin Time:2021-08-17 Hits:
Ultra-thin LED panel lights can be said to be the best representative of LED bulbs, it not only has the appearance of the ultra-thin, but also can achieve effective energy saving, long service life, no radiation, high brightness. Ultra-thin panels canister light can be said to be the office, home the best lighting choice now. But now the ultra-thin LED panel lamp brand on the market is also very much, how do we know which quality is better?
First of all, we can be judged from the lamp body itself, ultra-thin panel lamp is close to the panel and rear cover, is a state of seal. So that it can be effective moistureproof, insect-resistant, waterproof effect. Ultra-thin panel lamp shell are generally use high material of metal shell, long service life. But if is the ultrathin panel light quality is bad, the panel and integrated design, the fuselage is not only panel is metal, the fuselage or plastic material, although this panel lamp is very light, but not only the cooling effect is not good, and never use time is very long.

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