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LED the transformation of the future

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The current demand for the whole lamp lights around 130 lm, there will be different according to different area and customer demand, although consumption this year is still on the photosynthetic efficiency and show a clear appeal refers to the ascension, but manufacturers of differences in technology have no so big, technical innovation is bare, material structure and basic foregone conclusion, but the fluoride phosphors for lighting to enhance the photosynthetic efficiency may be a points worthy of attention.
Currently 9 v (1 W) of 2835 1 k is about $7, 0.2 W about $2, Cost down space is smaller and smaller, at the end of the contest will be a large-scale manufacturing capacity. Currently wood Tomlinson, hon, mega chi, atmospheric, ruifeng almost all will be in more than 1.5 billion, and if 1.5 billion is white lighting, it may be less than 100 million net profit.
Such a high proportion but low margin products for listed companies is also very headache, p/e ratio is not high, and don't make money but still doing now is to let production capacity of the moving rate, if there is a more profitable business, some players will choose to leave, the concentration degree of the business will continue to ascend.
From the point of view of industry structure, now is the trend of the international brand will gradually put the encapsulation of general lighting device gradually to the domestic OEM factory, and then use your own IP and brand are selling at a premium
In addition to the mainstream of the landmark 2835, west of citizen, represented by the Cree Lighting COB encapsulation device has been relatively small, but more complex products, but in 2017 ~ 2018, Philips Lighting, Lumileds, samsung and osram also gradually transfer the COB product manufacturing to home, such as statics, mega chi, hon, wafers and silicon can wait.
For general lighting market has a piece of the red sea, in the field of domestic enterprises to do segmentation in the first three, it doesn't matter as to what niche themes, in niche regardless of whether the OEM road, quality control and factory management level must not fall, the industry concentration at that time, finally compete on is efficiency.

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